Carpets for private homes, public places, churches and exhibitions.

The Carpet as a picture on the floor - and at the same time, the functional object which ages with grace.

Always travelling - exploring and capturing culture and landscape.

No matter whether I am in Iceland to study how the mountains are folded up, almost inside out, at what should be under my feet, rises up from the ground, several hundred feet, in front of me, or whether I am in the interior of a building in the Arab World, where alle the Moorish pattern wealth surrounds me with mosaics, stucco, woodwork and masonry:
I get the same feeling of appreciations and acknowledgement of the creative power given to the world and the infinite divese spaces surrounding ud - be it mad by natur or made by human culture.



10. - 12. August - next to Frue Kirke in central Copenhagen. My place is no. 55 close to Nørregade


Øregaard Museum 22. June - 10 September

The best of todays material crafts and design of the North will be representet at Øregaard Museum in the exhibiton Olo/Maeerkbart.

Together with my college Amelie Tillgren I participate with the work "Magnifying Disturbance" og we will both give our thanks to Grosserer L. F. Foghts Fond for our paticipatin in this exhibition, which has already been shown in Finland during autoum 2016.

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Open workshop 1. Saturday of the month, from September to May at Væveværkstedet

Here you have the oppertunity to see what I and my colleges are actually working with on our looms - the opening time is 10 am to 4 pm, first Saturday of the month - and else you are always welcome to contact me for visit.


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