Pia Jensen is an artist weaver with a capital A. With her beautiful kilim rugs, the weaver tells her poetic stories of things such as dusty desert lands, a goat crossing a mountain road in Andalusia, an arabesque in Iran, the whirlpools of The Indian Ocean, Spanish wood carvings and exquisite stucco in Morocco. The spectacular rugs are woven by the artist herself with much care put into each change of thread and much attention on detail. Each rug has its own history and the many details and changes of colour in the rugs set a weaving pace of between 1 and 1½ centimetre per hour. This is sophisticated and genuine craftsmanship – this is art!

Pia Jensen always work in themes, and Segment of Reality, Circular Strokes and Desert Patterns are some of the many impressions which have inspired the artist to create beautiful paraphrases expressed in her rugs. Segment of Reality comprise the rugs ”Square Spring I” – ”Square Spring II” – ”Morocco” – ”Real Red” – ”Just Blue” and ”Greenest”. Each rug symbolises a part of a greater whole where the patterns of the work in some astonishing way continues beyond the edge of the rug and further out into reality thereby leaving it up to the beholder to expand on the poetry inherent in the patterns.

The inspiration for Circular Strokes, which includes ”Circle within a circle within” and ”Dizzy”, comes from meditative days spent by the sea, where the natural playing of the elements gave rise to roaring waves and raging whirlpools in rhythmic recurrence.

The poetic Desert Patterns in ”A Triangular World” – ”Desert Stone” and ”The Sultan’s Palm” are fostered by Pia Jensen’s evocative experiences in Arabic landscapes and by Islamic patterns and stucco ceilings in Morocco and Oman.

Pia Jensen thrives on challenge. She welcomes being given the task of at creating personal rugs for both private and public spaces. Each rug is designed and woven for that particular space, in which the rug will have its own life and the completed work is therefore carefully matched to the character and colours of the space in question.

Because it is of vital importance to the expression of the finished rug that each colour has the exact right tone, Pia Jensen dyes all her yarns herself.
All her rugs are woven with Norwegian Spelsau wool which is the most hard-wearing and lustrous rug wool there is. The base, or waft, is linen – a hard-wearing material which ensures that the rugs will withstand being walked on each day for at least fifty years! Pia Jensen strongly emphasises that her rugs are objects of use, which get more and more beautiful as time goes by. If Pia has her way, her rugs will be placed in the middle of the floor for every one to see and walk on! A hand-woven rug by Pia Jensen is a rug for life and a story from the world.

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