Rummets Uendelighed - Photografer: Brøndum & Co  


Weaver Pia Jensen pulls the audience into the work itself, when she in the exhibition room's infinity transforms patterns and materials for a three-dimensional experience. The exhibition is on in Officinet From 6th - October 28, 2012

The soft fabrics are replaced with concrete, painted floor tiles, colored acrylic plates, ceramics , mirrors and wood. The loom is replaced with saw and four white walls when weaver Pia Jensen takes up the challenge and converts Officinet with enormous mathematical precision to an aesthetic and textural spaciousness.

The patterns and inspiration behind, still accounts traces of Pia Jensen's long career as a professional weaver. Around 1200 hexagons inspired by the Moorish tradition covering the walls and floor of a vibrating composition, which rises from the floor and change the viewer's gaze.

Through 20 years, Pia Jensen reacted travel impressions to the beautifully woven carpets, and thereby changed the perception of space , the carpets are in . Now she has made ??himself the challenge to create an experience that is not only adorns the floor, but as comments and reconstructs new visual contexts throughout the room. The goal is to restore and enlarge the enveloping sense of shape, pattern and space of nature and city.

 ”Whether I have been in Island and observed how the mountains are almost folded up inside out, and what should be under my feet, rises like a mountain several hundred meters up instead. Or I have found myself in the interior of a building in the Arab world, where all the Moorish pattern wealth has surrounded me with mosaics, stucco, woodwork and masonry, I have had the same feeling of the world's creative power and endlessly rich space that surrounds us - be it nature or culture.” Pia Jensen

An intensive stay at the National Workshops for Arts and a fine collaboration with ceramist Helle Bovbjerg has resulted in the beautiful surrounding exhibition room's infinity. Helle Bovbjerg has designed the ceramic tiles to the exhibition and says:

”To work for and with Pia Jensen is like traveling in space. Conversations with Pia and get her good encouragement and philosophical dialogues about work , about what is " right and wrong " in a process of crossing borders and extends beyond what feels technically possible.” Helle Bovbjerg

Step into the exhibition, and feel the experience of the new forms and visual contexts.

Helle Dyrlund Severinsen
Formidling & projekter
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Rummets Uendelighed - Photografer: Brøndum & Co  
Rummets Uendlelighed - Photografer: Brøndum & Co  
Rummets Uendelighed - Photografer: Brøndum & Co  
Rummets Uendelighed - Photografer: Brøndum & Co  
Rummets Uendelighed - Photografer: Brøndum & Co  
Salon 66 i Officinet - Photografer: Steen Balle  


Salon 66

On 20 October 2012 at 2 p.m. invites Salon 66 for talks with astrophysicist Anja C. Andersen, who will talk about the vastness of space in the exhibition. Anja C. Andersen has just published the book Life is a miracle. She is active mediator of astronomical research , and has received Rosenkjær Prize for outstanding communication of a scientific subject . Salon 66 is a communication initiative of the Danish Arts and Crafts Association with many exciting lectures in Officinet.

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