syriansilkscarf - Photographer:  Brøndum  & Co



190 x 57 cm. handspun syrian silk, wool/silk, pure new wool and hand-spun raw-silk(origin unknown). 100% unika.

The scarf is woven of syrian hand-spun silk - bougth on a journey som rich of meetings and cultural exchange back in 2010 - and mixed together with combinations of fine wool/silk, pure wool and raw-silk.

Oroginately the hand-spun-silk is taken to the weavers and after being woven into small lines they are returned to the spinner, whom herself, crochetes the woven lines together and turn them intor beautifull scarfs.
I have tried to remain true to her ways of work in my translation of "the syrian-silk-scarf".

Each scarf is given its own unique combibation of pattern and yarn.
The scarf is woven so that the yarn of the loom is most visible on one side - and the yarn woven with on the other - thus giving the scarf extra life and challenging looks.

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