24th SIAF


24th SIAF

“Crescent” created in collaboration with Matt McConnell has been selected for the 24th edition of the Sharjah Islamic Arts Festival


The work has been created after our “Workshop 2” at the State Arts Workshop, in May 2021.

Till today we have exclusively seen it on a scale of 1:10 and now it is being built on site by the festival’s artisans.

We join in the final works prior to the opening.

This is our collaboration’s 1st full-scale outdoor artwork.



The festival opens December 15, 2021 at the Sharjah Arts Museum.

December 16, 2021, there is the opening of “Crescent” in the square in front of “House of Wisdom” – the newly built library and culture house in Sharjah.




Our collaboration aims to create environments that are flexible and engaging for the users of these in the form of modules that can be adapted to a specific location.

SIAF is an international festival featuring art and artists from around the world, all of whom have created great site-specific works for the event.

The festival has been held every year since 1998.