– “Crescent” – a collaborative artwork created togeher with Matt McConnell

“Crescent” is the first outdoor artwork of my career. Made for the 24th SIAF in UAE december 2021.

“Crescent” is placed in front of The House of Wisdom, Sharjah.

The piece is a collaborative study by me and Matt McConnell  in the blending of hexagonal and helical form, based in sacred geometry and expressed as three waves wrapped in geometric screen, each measuring 12m long and 3m tall. A series of scattered transparent color panels are incorporated to bring color to the piece and the landscape below. With the sun above, a doubled shadow forms, creating ribbon-like forms that add layers to the work when viewed in full sunlight.


We both participated in this international festival bach in 2017 – at that time each of us had our own work and presentation at Sharjah Art Museum. You can find more information on my artwork for the 20th. SIAF at my website

Video: Matt McConnell