Væver Pia Jensen MUJI Community Market oktober 2020

MUJI Community Market

Handwoven textile with beautiful Nordic hues

Weaver PiaJensen uses high quality materials such as alpaca, silk, wool or bamboo to create handwoven scarfs, rugs etc.

Add her unique textile to your room or styling and enjoy the color magic

The opening of MUJI ILLUM Copenhagen 9 October 2020 is also the beginning of

MUJI Community Market Copenhagen in the Muji’s Flagship Store, at 4. floor of Illum.

A new and exelent oppertunity to have contact and dialog with 5 Danish craftsmen and designers.


9 – 23 Oktober  I participate with my handwoven textiles crafted to give daily joy.

Designes on the basis of thougths, as Muji have their profound background in the “Mingei”: Beautiful functional crafts for daily use.

MUJI ILLUM Copenhagen | Grand opening on Friday 9th October.