As a member of Nordic Textile Artists (NTA), Pia Jensen was invited to represent Denmark in the juried Nordic-Baltic exhibition of textile art at Gallery Noorus in Estonia. The exhibition showed three works of art from each Nordic country alongside works by three young Estonian textile artists.


Pia Jensen presented her ‘Table runner – the table is running’, a piece she had created for the ceramicist Helene Søs Schjødt’s exhibition ‘The Laid Table’ in 2017. The runner was intended for the table but ended up on the wall, and this gave her the idea to develop a free-hanging piece based on the original reference that might further function as a room divider.


‘Table runner – the table is running’ addresses a number of different themes, including the traditional table runner and its historical references versus modern concepts such as ‘running sushi’ and ‘running dinners’.

The contrasts between the calm and traditions surrounding the conventional dinner table and the fleetfooted, entrepreneurial formats, where diners quickly move on to something else, invites a debate about socializing, community and presence. The abstract piece is made of wood and acrylic – a reinterpreted, oversized table runner that is not actually a table runner but which still invited people to engage in a running conversation …

“Table runner – the table is running”

244 x 79,5 x 29 cm.



Where: Tartu, Estonia

What: ‘Connections’

Curators: Aet Ollisaar, professor and head of the Department of Textile, Pallas University, and the Estonian Textile Artists’ Association

Year: 2019