Every year, Pia Jensen participates in a number of crafts fairs and markets around Denmark. The weaver enjoys meeting new as well as loyal customers and the opportunity to discuss textiles and textile options with anyone who is interested. The spontaneous contact and good conversations are a source of joy and inspiration for her.


The biggest annual event is the crafts and design fair at the Frue Plads square in Copenhagen, which is held every year in August. Here, Pia Jensen’s rugs have often served as the ‘red carpet’ for the opening speech. Pia Jensen also regularly takes part in Ovnhus Marked in Nykøbing Sjælland and Beddingen Kunsthåndværkermarked in Hundested. In addition, Væveværkstedet (Weaving Studio), the studio she shares with three other weavers, holds a Christmas market in Frederiksberg every year in December, with contributions from colleagues from other fields.


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