‘Framing – unframing – repeating – twisting’ is the title of the unique piece Pia Jensen created for Kontempo’s exhibition at the Round Tower. The piece addressed the exhibition theme and title, ‘Is This Colour?’, by exploring and challenging our perception of colours. Shifts and overlaps based on the Moorish hexagon framed a dialogue between frames, colours and interspaces, which in turn generated reflections, shadows and mirror effects.

What is the main factor shaping our impression – is it the colour of the reflection on the floor, or are the colours of the piece itself more significant?

The piece was freely suspended in the room and engaged in a dialogue with the other pieces in the exhibition, depending on the influx of light throughout the day. ‘Framing – unframing – repeating – twisting’ represents a continuous idea that can be angled in countless different ways, depending on the context. Kontempo is an association that promotes textile craft through exhibitions and other events.

”Framing – unframing – repeating – twisting”

337 x 160 x 14 cm.



Where: Round Tower, Copenhagen

What: ‘Is This Colour?’, Kontempo’s juried exhibition

Curators: Louise Campbell, Stine Find Osther and Charlotte Jul

Year: 2019