Following the exhibition ‘Forms in Progression’ at the Round Tower in Copenhagen, where Pia Jensen exhibited along with eight other artists, she was contacted by the director of the Round Tower, Jesper Vang.


The Tower Room, which served as a meeting room, needed acoustic improvement as well as a decorative element that matched the room’s architecture and detailing.


Pia Jensen’s proposal was the unique wall hanging ‘Firkantet Forår II’ (Square Spring II) in colours inspired by the gravity of dark evening clouds at dusk in the light, vibrant spring sky. ‘Square’, because the staggered frames in the picture plane are intended to illustrate that we only ever capture a tiny fraction of the universe. The Tower Room is a small room, with the tower’s characteristic round walls, and the positioning and expression of the wall hanging pull the room together and make it seem bigger.


What: Unique textile wall hanging

Year: 2011