The installation ‘Rummets Uendelighed’ conveyed its ambition via 1200 Moorish hexagons arranged to rise up and protrude from the floors and walls to create unique spatial experiences.

The hexagon has been a recurring inspiration

in several of Pia Jensen’s travels, and with this installation she aimed to illustrate that we are surrounded by patterns everywhere, if only we open our eyes and look for them. Like travelling in place – to the place.


Pia Jensen worked with professional subcontractors to create the project, which added new materials to her practice, including acrylic, concrete, ceramic and wood. Even if the new materials replaced the role of textile in this case, textile and tactile sensibilities permeated

the concept and experience that surrounded the visitor with hexagons from top to bottom, 360 degrees.
The installation occupied the entire exhibition space at Officinet,

and visitors had to step into the room to experience and sense the infinity of the space. Despite being created entirely on artistic terms and as a total installation, the concept actually contained elements with the potential to be translated into functional designs, such as acoustic room dividers, floor tiles and other elements.


Where: Officinet, Bredgade, Copenhagen

What: ‘Rummets Uendelighed’ (The Infinity of Space)

Year: 2012