Owning a bespoke hand-woven rug made specially for one’s home is something very special. The creative process begins with a visit where Pia Jensen carefully decodes the room, interwoven with conversations with the residents and her own input and professional experience. The result is exceptional, as user involvement, site-specific requests and Pia Jensen’s mastery come together in a completely unique piece.


All bespoke rugs are woven of Norwegian Spælsau wool, the most hardwearing and lustrous wool used for carpets and rugs. The core of the rugs, the warp, is linen yarn, another hardwearing material, which ensures the rugs a lifetime of at least 50 years. These rugs are functional objects that only get more beautiful with time, and which are made to be seen and used every day. An everyday rug in the home that carries stories from the wider world.

Væver Pia Jensen Gulvtæppe "Ørkenklit" 300 x 295 cm. Foto Brøndum og Co
100% Norwegian Spælsau wool on linen.
300 x 295 cm.
Standing in a desert and seeing the light dance on the sand dunes is a tremendous experience.
The wavy sea of sand is like a rug that wants to levitate and take to the sky. I sought to reproduce the phenomenon, although it took all my skill to make it stay put on the floor.
100% Norwegian Spælsau wool on linen.
182 x 122 cm.
Private site-specific commission.
A site-specific commission for a private home co-created with my clients with inspiration from an existing rug. In a fruitful dialogue we found the optimal solution – to their delight, and mine.
Væver Pia Jensen Gulvtæppe "Lysende Efterår" 224 x 108 cm. Foto Brøndum og Co
100% Norwegian Spælsau wool on linen.
224 x 108 cm.
Private site-specific commission.
A bespoke design for a classic Nordic home with light-coloured wood types, clean lines and rooms flooded with beautiful light. My focus was on fitting the family’s somewhat heavier heirloom furniture into this universe.
Væver Pia Jensen Gulvtæppe "Rundtosset" 196 x 194 cm. Foto Brøndum og Co
100% Nordic Spælsau wool on linen.
196 x 194 cm.
After some initial hesitation I threw myself into a world of circles. Movement and life. Everything spinning and swirling around us. Giddy is the term that best describes this feeling of joyful confusion.
100% Norwegian Spælsau wool on linen.
233 x 189 cm.
In the city of Salalah in the south of Oman, the Sultan has a palace. Planted around the palace are palm trees of a type that is not found anywhere else in Oman. The palms have a slender grey trunk with a dark brown line running through it. In this hot, tropical climate, even a pastel grey can seem radiant.