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I give lectures on working methods, inspirations and the significance of the journey as inspiration for my artistic work.

  • Adventurous Arabic tales, is the tale of my participation in the 20th Festival of Islamic Art in Sharjah, UAE. Of being valued as an artist in a different culture and of my meeting with 42 artists from 31 countries. An experience that still contributes to my artistic work

  • One shape can fulfill a whole life – from idea to finished work, where I, based on the work around the task designed for the SIAF-festival, give a broader narrative about the Moorish hexagon, that remain a constant part of my art – be it in carpets or architectural works

  • About the similarity between Icelandic rock formations and Iranian mosque decorations – about recognition in water holes on Samsø and bamboo forests in Japan – about the waves of the sea and the flight of desert sand. It all shapes our earth – it all shapes my view of the world and the artistic expressions my travel impressions are translated into